Photoperiod and circadian regulation of early development in Lolium perenne (L.) varieties

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Richards, Michael
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University College Cork
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This research describes a protocol for the rapid assessment of early growth photoperiodic performance of the agronomically important perennial ryegrass Lolium perenne, within long-day (LD) and short-day (SD) photoperiods, and provides a preliminary assessment of candidate primer sequences for genes involved in ryegrass circadian regulation. The in-vitro screening process allowed us to compare the effects of LD and SD photoperiods upon both germination rates and root and shoot development. We were able to show a correlation between the performance in vitro with traits from the field based agricultural Pasture Profit Index (PPI), which would allow for a faster screening process for plant breeders. Working in-vitro and being able to control environmental parameters such as temperature would speed the process of screening ryegrass genotypes for useful traits within Irish agriculture and facilitate the exploration of circadian rhythm in ryegrass fitness and its adaptability to climate change.
Perennial ryegrass , Plant science , Plant biology , Molecular genetics , Circadian rhythm , Irish agriculture
Richards, M. 2022. Photoperiod and circadian regulation of early development in Lolium perenne (L.) varieties. MRes Thesis, University College Cork.
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