Direct fabrication of well-aligned free-standing mesoporous carbon nanofiber arrays on silicon substrates

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Wang, Kaixue
Zhang, Wenhua
Phelan, Richard
Morris, Michael A.
Holmes, Justin D.
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American Chemical Society, ACS
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Using nonionic triblock copolymer F127 as a soft template and AAO membranes as hard templates, well-aligned free-standing mesoporous carbon nanofiber arrays have been fabricated on silicon wafer through a confined self-assembly process. Hexagonally arranged circular mesochannels locate at the edge of the carbon nanofibers and some well-ordered columnar oriented mesochannels are wrapped by circular mesochannels at the center of the nanofibers. The surface interaction with the alumina pore walls is probably responsible for the formation of both circular and columnar oriented mesochannels.
Carbon , Nanofiber , Silicon , Chemical structure , Molecular interaction , Porosity , Scanning electron microscopy , Transmission electron microscopy , Equipment design , Microelectrodes , Nanostructures , Nanotechnology , Particle size , Sensitivity and specificity , Surface properties
Wang, K., Zhang, W., Phelan, R., Morris, M. A. and Holmes, J. D. (2007) 'Direct Fabrication of Well-Aligned Free-Standing Mesoporous Carbon Nanofiber Arrays on Silicon Substrates', Journal of the American Chemical Society, 129(44), pp. 13388-13389. doi: 10.1021/ja0752843
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