Electrochemically modified boron-doped diamond electrode with Pd and Pd-Sn nanoparticles for ethanol electrooxidation

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Mavrokefalos, Christos K.
Hasan, Maksudul
Khunsin, Worawut
Schmidt, Michael
Maier, Stefan A.
Rohan, James F.
Compton, Richard G.
Foord, John S.
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The modification of hydrogen terminated boron-doped diamond (HBDD) electrode with pure palladium (Pd) and Pd-Sn (tin) nanoparticles is described in this study. For synthesis of Sn/HBDD and Pd-Sn/HBDD electrode, a potentiostatic two-step electrochemical method involving the electrodeposition of Sn followed by Pd was used, respectively. The modification of the HBDD electrode with Sn and noble metal Pd by forming bimetallic Pd-Sn nanoparticle leads to a higher electrocatalytic activity. The electrocatalytic activity of the bimetallic Pd-Sn nanoparticles was evaluated towards the electrooxidation of ethanol in alkaline media and compared with that of the Pd nanoparticles alone. The bimetallic Pd-Sn nanoparticles modified HBDD electrode exhibits higher current densities and less poisoning effects during ethanol electrooxidation compared to Pd/HBDD. The proper tuning of the Pd loading on a foreign metal along with the surface termination effects of the BDD electrode plays a crucial role in achieving a high mass (4.26×106mA/g) and specific (12.37mA/cm2) electrocatalytic activity of Pd towards ethanol electrooxidation. The aforementioned catalysts of this research possess a high poisoning resistance (If/Ib=1.63) and stability towards ethanol electrooxidation in alkaline media.
Diamond , Ethanol , Palladium , Tin , Nanoparticles
Mavrokefalos, C. K., Hasan, M., Khunsin, W., Schmidt, M., Maier, S. A., Rohan, J. F., Compton, R. G. and Foord, J. S. (2017) 'Electrochemically modified boron-doped diamond electrode with Pd and Pd-Sn nanoparticles for ethanol electrooxidation', Electrochimica Acta, 243, pp. 310-319. doi: 10.1016/j.electacta.2017.05.039
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