Sealing pipe top enhancing transportation of particulate solids inside a vertically vibrating pipe

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Zhang, Fuweng
Cronin, Kevin
Lin, Yinhe
Miao, Song
Liu, Chuanping
Wang, Li
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Elsevier B.V.
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Particles can move against gravity inside a vibrating tube inserted in a static granular bed. This offers a new approach for transporting bulk material. In this work, we demonstrate a method to enhance the conveying of powder by sealing the tube top. With the same vibration conditions, a comparison of particle motion in an opened tube and closed top (sealed) pipe is made. Compared to an un-sealed pipe, particle upward motion within a sealed pipe is improved. With low vibration strength, only particles in the sealed tube can ascend. With increasing vibration strength, particles can climb in both tubes while particles in sealed pipe move faster and higher. The enhancement effect works well for particles of smaller size (d < 1 mm), and the positive effect becomes weaker with an increase in particle diameter. In a sealed tube, the final height of the granular column increases as the tube length increases while the growth velocity is reduced. Particle conveying in sealed tube shows less dependence on tube diameter compared to an un-sealed tube. Sealing the tube top introduces air pressure difference during each vibration cycle, which induces an additional upward drag force on the particles in the tube. The drag force becomes significant compared to other relevant forces for small diameter particles at high levels of vibration.
Granular matter , Conveying , Vibration , Pressure difference , Drag force
Zhang, F., Cronin, K., Lin, Y., Miao, S., Liu, C. and Wang, L. (2018) 'Sealing pipe top enhancing transportation of particulate solids inside a vertically vibrating pipe', Powder Technology, 343, pp. 383-391. doi:10.1016/j.powtec.2018.11.069