Confined growth and crystallography of one-dimensional Bi2S3, CdS and SnSx nanostructures within chaneled substrates

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Petkov, Nikolay
Xu, Ju
Morris, Michael A.
Holmes, Justin D.
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American Chemical Society, ACS
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The growth, composition, and structural properties of one-dimensional Bi2S3, CdS, and SnSx nanostructures, confined within the channels of anodic alumina membranes, have been comprehensively investigated by electron microscopy and spectroscopy. In particular, the morphology, loading factors, crystal structure and orientation, and potential growth mechanisms of the II−VI nanostructures confined within the alumina templates, with mean pore diameters of 80 and 20 nm, were investigated. A solventless pressure-injection method was used to form ordered arrays of these 1 D nanostructures, with controlled diameters (by the dimensions of the templating channels), controlled orientations (via the direction of the templating channels), and isolated from each other within the alumina templates. A variety of 1 D nanostructures ranging from well-faceted nanowires to nanotubes and nanobelts have been identified and characterized. For all of the materials investigated, single crystalline and oriented structures were observed having preferred growth directions within the alumina channels.
Structural properties , Confined growth , Crystallography , Mineralogy , Bismuth , Cadmium compounds , Bismuth sulfide
Petkov, N., Xu, J., Morris, M. A. and Holmes, J. D. (2008) 'Confined Growth and Crystallography of One-Dimensional Bi2S3, CdS, and SnSx Nanostructures within Channeled Substrates', The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 112(19), pp. 7345-7355. doi: 10.1021/jp800193x
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