Plausible pictures for data governance: A narrative network approach

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Wibisono, Arif
Sammon, David
Heavin, Ciara
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Association for Information Systems
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Workaround-centric data activities (WCDA) can impact data integrity/quality. Despite this, one can view WCDA as an enhancement to organisational Data Governance (DG) maturity. However, these WCDA are primarily undocumented and poorly understood. Therefore, we need a means of creating plausible pictures for DG â by modelling WCDA visually. This study draws on the theory of organisational routines to develop WCDA modelling rules. It is the first study to leverage the Narrative Network (NN) approach as a conceptual lens to model WCDA visually. We identify five WCDA modelling rules: 1) a narrative fragment must come from a process actor, 2) a narrative fragment has three attributes: actor, action & resource, 3) all attributes in a narrative fragment establish the action type, 4) a narrative fragment must contain a data activity, and 5) a narrative fragment data activity must follow a standard naming convention. In conclusion, we discuss the advantages of our approach.
Workarounds , Data governance , Organisational routines , Narrative Network , Data activities , Theory-building approach , Modelling rules
Wibisono, A., Sammon, D. and Heavin, C. (2022) 'Plausible pictures for data governance: A narrative network approach', ECIS 2022 Research Papers, 110, pp. 1-15. Available at: (Accessed: 17 May 2022)
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