Generation of 21.3 Gbaud 8PSK signal using an SOA-based all-optical phase modulator

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Dailey, James M.
Webb, Rod P.
Manning, Robert J.
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Optical Society of America
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We describe a novel SOA-based all-optical pure-phase modulator, and show how deleterious cross-gain modulation from the SOAs can be suppressed by utilizing an integrated interferometer structure. We experimentally demonstrate the use of the optical gate as a π/4 phase modulator producing 21.3 Gbaud 8PSK from 21.3 Gbit/s OOK and 21.3 Gbaud QPSK inputs. The modulator produces 3 dB of gain and coherent detection-based bit error rate measurements indicate a 2.4 dB excess penalty.
Fiber optics and optical communications , Optical devices , All-optical devices
Dailey, J. M.; Webb, R. P.; Manning, R. J. (2011) 'Generation of 21.3 Gbaud 8PSK signal using an SOA-based all-optical phase modulator'. Optics Express, 19 (26):B12-B17. doi:
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