Performative script analysis for additional language classrooms

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Reid, Robin
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Department of German, University College Cork
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This paper discusses a variation of theatrical rehearsal practice that I adapted for a university level English for Academic Purposes (EAP) English course on which I taught and is also based, in part, on a workshop presentation I gave at the 2013 WATESOL conference in Wellington, New Zealand. The activity and its procedures, which are described in this paper, originated in my experiences and training as an undergraduate in theatre studies and also draws from my subsequent career in the performing arts. While the practice of script analysis is definitely not a new invention, being, as it is, one of the most fundamental activities that modern actors undertake in preparing for rehearsal, I feel this particular procedural variation of the practice is novel for second or additional (L2) language classrooms. I had wanted to experiment with scripted performance in my classrooms for some time, so I designed this activity to be feasible for students without any experience with the performing arts.This paper is arranged as follows: Firstly, I provide a brief background and rationale for the activity. Next, I explain in detail the procedures of the task. Lastly, I will briefly discuss students’ post-task feedback collected from an exploratory study ...
Reid, R. (2016) 'Performative script analysis for additional language classrooms', Scenario: A Journal of Performative Teaching, Learning, Research, X(1), pp. 49-60.