Cork is the Lee

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Scriven, Richard
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Department of Geography, University College Cork
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This project combined a podcast and audio workshop to explore the cultural and natural heritage role of the river Lee in the life of Cork city. It was co-led by Dr Richard Scriven, building on his work into local cultural heritage and the use of sound as a research and dissemination tool. Vicky Langan, independent artist, contributed greatly to project in the making and editing of extensive field recordings. The project was received a Cork City Council Local Heritage Grant, which supported the production and dissemination of a podcast, and the running of a performative sonic workshop during Heritage Week 2019. Using the unique capacity of sound to convey meaning and evoke emotions, this project combines interviews with people who use and appreciate the Lee, historical sources, and field recordings to create a rich and unique insight into river as a cultural and natural heritage. The podcast benefits from the popularity and accessibility of the medium and its capacity to reach larger audiences. The workshop brought the participants on an audio journey along the Lee, presenting the river in a new and impactful way. The project highlights the historical and contemporary place of the Lee at the heart of the city in a distinct and novel form.
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The Lee , River , Cork , Urban infrastructure , Individual and communal engagement , Riparian locations , Active intervention , City Council , Heritage Groups , Civil Society Organisations , CSO , Natural heritage , Cultural heritage , River Lee
Scriven, R. (2019) Cork is the Lee. Available at: (Accessed: 22 November 2019)