Student attitudes towards available learning spaces and technology

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Hammeran, Kelley B.
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University College Cork
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The following thesis sought aims to answer three essential research questions: What are University College Cork student attitudes towards learning spaces on campus? What are University College Cork student attitudes towards available learning spaces on campus? Is there a link between these attitudes and the demographics of affluence, achievement, and disability? A survey on learning spaces was sent to the student population of UCC. The response to the survey was four hundred and forty respondents, which is enough to be representative of a university the size of University College Cork. The findings show spaces already exist on campus that students find useful, but that they are not in supply enough for the needs of students. Students have little desire for extremely innovative spaces and technology but rather require more of what is already available. When it comes to the design of a space there is no one option that fits the needs of all students but there are general leanings of attitiudes. Students prefer overall natural lighting, quiet spaces, comfortable seating, warm temperatures, larger desk space, and uncrowded spaces. An interesting link was discovered between reliance on technology and the student population registered with Disability Services, indicating such students are more reliant on said technology.
Learning , Spaces , Achievement , Affluence , Disability , Technology , Classroom , Campus , Student , Students , Demographics , Computers , Plugs , Lighting , Education , Third-level education
Hammeran, K. B. 2019. Student attitudes towards available learning spaces and technology. MRes Thesis, University College Cork.
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