An investigation of intensive home based parenting support services offered by Barnardos South Cork City

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Dore, Mary
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Community-Academic Research Links, University College Cork
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This research explore parent’s experience of receiving home based parenting support services and investigates whether it is an effective model of intervention in creating positive and lasting change in the lives of children and families. It also investigates alternative approaches to improve parental engagement with the service and approaches that Barnardos might use to better engage parents in adapting/changing how they respond to their children’s needs. The research is underpinned theoretically by social constructivism, an interpretivist approach and a community based research process. Five recipients of Barnardos South Cork City home based parenting support service were interviewed and each participant’s narrative was thematically analysed and recorded authentically using direct quotes. Feedback received from participants was extremely positive and it clearly identified learning curves for participants in terms of knowledge and skills acquired as a result of support received from Barnardos South Cork City. Positive outcomes were evident for both parent and child. The findings demonstrate that the relationship with the support worker is highly valued as is the availability of the worker to provide support in the home and in some situations via telephone, email and in the Barnardos office. Suggestions for alternative approaches to encourage participants to engage with the service and or in creating positive change for children were limited. Participants were satisfied with the support received and minor tweaking was suggested in relation to learning methods, with an emphasis placed on visual aids. Some participants focused on efforts to engage other family members, namely male father figures and the operation of a distinct support service to encourage engagement from these members. The inclusion of children in some support sessions was also suggested. The benefits of home based parenting support were referred to by other participants during interviews.
Home based parenting support , Parenting support services , Barnardos , Children’s needs , Parental engagement
Dore, M. (2019) An investigation of intensive home based parenting support services offered by Barnardos South Cork City. Cork: Community-Academic Research Links, University College Cork.
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