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Gartland, Kevin
McKeever, Orla
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The NEES Consortium, NPP.
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Through this paper we will look at links between architecture education, research and practice, using a current project as a vehicle to cover aspects of building, pilot and live project. The first aspect, the building project consists of the refurbishment and extension of a Parnell Cottage for a private client and is located near Cloyne, in East Cork, Ireland. The pilot project falls within the NEES Project, investigating the use of materials and services based on natural or recycled materials to improve the energy performance of new and existing buildings. The live project aims to hold a series of on site workshops and seminars for students of Architecture, Architects and interested parties, demonstrating the integration of the NEES best practice materials and techniques within the built project. The workshops, seminars and key project documents will be digitally recorded for dissemination through a web based publication. The small scale of the building project allowed for flexibility in the early conceptual design stages and the integration of the research and educational aspects.
Architecture education , NEES Project , NEES best practises , Recycled materials , Energy performance , Parnell cottages , Cloyne , East Cork
Gartland, K. and McKeever, O. (2014) ‘Education - research – practice’, NEES: Natural Energy Efficiency and Sustainability: The Collection: Papers of the Final NEES Conference, Umea, Sweden, March, pp. 27-31
© 2014 The Authors; The NEES Consortium, NPP. All papers are in the public domain and can be freely quoted as long as acknowledgement is made to the fact that the work was funded by the ERDF INTERREG IVB, Northern Periphery Programme.