Motorways to boreens: the story of the Irish Health Sciences Libraries Group virtual journal club

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Dunne, Mary
Halton, Linda
Herlihy, Breeda
Madden, Anne
O'Sullivan, Niamh
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ALIA/Health Libraries Australia (HLA)
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Boreens (from the Gaelic bóthairín meaning little road) are the narrow roads that twist through the Irish countryside. Travel is slower than the busy major roads that cut straight through, but these routes enable the traveller to easily change course as options arise and to discover hidden opportunities for exploration. It is in this context that we share how we moved from the idea of a journal club for health librarians to the reality of an active knowledge sharing group. Through the story of the governing committee and our first three presenters, we explain what is required to drive this kind of club. At the beginning there were so many options and decisions it felt like moving quickly along a busy motorway, often changing lanes to avoid snarl-ups, and watching out for tolls. However, as we settled in for the long haul, we decided to take our own quieter but ultimately more interesting route. We found that if you are clear about your destination, ensure you have sufficient resources, plan carefully but are flexible about how you get there, then you may just enjoy the journey.
Journal clubs , Health libraries
Dunne, M., Halton, L., Herlihy, B., Madden, A. and O'Sullivan, N. (2021) 'Motorways to boreens: the story of the Irish Health Sciences Libraries Group virtual journal club', Journal of Health Information and Libraries Australasia, 2 (3), pp. 71-80.