New bands of deuterated nitrous acid (DONO) in the near-infrared using FT-IBBCEAS

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Raghunandana, Ranjini
Orphal, Johannes
Ruth, Albert A.
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Elsevier B.V.
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The first measurements of near-infrared bands of deuterated nitrous acid (DONO) are presented. The measurements were made using Fourier-Transform Incoherent Broad-Band Cavity-Enhanced Absorption Spectroscopy (FT-IBBCEAS) in the 5800–7800 cm−1 region. Two bands of trans-DONO centred at 6212.029 and 7692.496 cm−1 were observed and assigned to the 2ν1+ν3 combination and 3ν1 overtone vibrations, respectively. Their rotational band structure was satisfactorily reproduced using PGOPHER. For cis-DONO the 3ν1 band was observed at ~7302.5 cm−1. In addition, new bands centred at 6142.5 cm−1 and 7607.6 cm−1 were quite confidently assigned to the 2ν1+ν3 and 3ν1 vibrations of deuterated nitric acid, DNO3, respectively.
Cavity-enhanced absorption spectroscopy , IBBCEAS , Fourier Transform , FT , Near infrared , IR , Deuterated nitrous acid , DONO , Deuterated nitric acid , DNO3 , Combination and overtone bands
Raghunandana, R., Orphal, J. and Ruth, A. A. (2020) ‘New bands of deuterated nitrous acid (DONO) in the near-infrared using FT-IBBCEAS’, Chemical Physics Letters: X, 6, 100050 (5pp). doi: 10.1016/j.cpletx.2020.100050