Multiplicative time and space integrating acousto-optic architectures for real time spectrum processing

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Riza, Nabeel A.
Psaltis, Demetri
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Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE)
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Multiplicative acousto-optic architectures using time and space dimensions for spectrally resolving long 1-D signals and images are described. The Discrete Fourier Transform algorithm is implemented optically to provide fine frequency resolving power. Experimental results are presented for 1-D and 2-D input signals. Bias removal techniques are discussed, including an approach using a photorefractive crystal as a time integrating bias-free detector.
Charge-coupled devices , Signal processing , Spectrum analysis , Video , Bragg cells , Signal detection , Sensors
Riza, N. A. and Psaltis, D. (1987) 'Multiplicative Time And Space Integrating Acousto-Optic Architectures For Real Time Spectrum Processing', Proceedings of SPIE, 0827, Real-Time Signal Processing X, 31st Annual Technical Symposium on Optical and Optoelectronic Applied Sciences and Engineering, 1987, San Diego, CA, United States, 25 November, doi: 10.1117/12.942069
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