Low cost embedded multimodal opto-inertial human motion tracking system

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Wilk, Mariusz P.
Walsh, Michael
O'Flynn, Brendan
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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
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Human motion tracking systems are widely used in various application spaces, such as motion capture, rehabilitation, or sports. There exists a number of such systems in the State-Of-The-Art (SOA) that vary in price, complexity, accuracy and the target applications. With the continued advances in system integration and miniaturization, wearable motion trackers gain in popularity in the research community. The opto-inertial trackers with multimodal sensor fusion algorithms are some of the common approaches found in SOA. However, these trackers tend to be expensive and have high computational requirements. In this work, we present a prototype version of our opto-inertial, motion tracking system that offers a low-cost alternative. The 3D position and orientation are determined by fusing optical and inertial sensor data together with knowledge about two external reference points using a purpose-designed data fusion algorithm. An experimental validation was carried out on one of the use cases that this system is intended for, i.e. barbell squat in strength training. The results showed that the total RMSE in position and orientation was 32.8 mm and 0.89 degree, respectively. It operated in real-time at 20 frames per second.
Internet of Things , Opto-inertial , Motion , Tracking , Embedded , Low-Cost , Sensor Fusion
Wilk, M. P., Walsh, M., and O'Flynn, Brendan (2020) 'Low Cost Embedded Multimodal Opto-Inertial Human Motion Tracking System', ISSC 2020: 31st Irish Signals and Systems Conference, Letterkenny, Donegal (Online conference), 11-12 June.
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