European-wide ICT entrepreneurship education in action

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O'Flaherty, Brian
Caceres, Diego Alonso
Palma, Pedro Sanchez
Pramatari, Katerina.
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EUXCEL, a Trans-European technology entrepreneurship education initiative funded by the European Union, has demonstrated that creating cross-border collaboration between Europe's young ICT entrepreneurs is an achievable policy objective. The literature in this paper explores the importance of Entrepreneurship Education, the concept of European Nationalism and Born Global firms. This paper then outlines the context of EUXCEL, an international entrepreneurship programme, describing the key outcomes and education process, highlighting lessons learned and suggests key policy features that can make borderless entrepreneurship the norm rather than the exception. The research question is 'How can trans-regional entrepreneurship, with multi-nationality founders, be enabled and supported?' The findings of the paper identifies internationalisation and Pan-European collaboration as key outcomes of participants. This paper demonstrates that European-wide cross-border entrepreneurship education is an achievable outcome that has the potential to revolutionise the European entrepreneurial culture and push the boundaries of what is possible. Sharing the first-hand experiences of this project will be of interest to entrepreneurship educationalist, practitioners and policy makers.
European wide ICT entrepreneurship education
O'Flaherty, B., Caceres, D. A., Palma, P. S. and Pramatari, K. (2020) 'European-wide ICT entrepreneurship education in action', European Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Rome, Italy, 17-18 September, pp. 933-941. doi: 10.34190/EIE.20.154
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