Development of a low-power underwater NFC-enabled sensor device for seaweed monitoring

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Peres, Caroline
Emam, Masoud
Jafarzadeh, Hamed
Belcastro, Marco
O'Flynn, Brendan
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Aquaculture farming faces challenges to increase production while maintaining welfare of livestock, efficiently use of resources, and being environmentally sustainable. To help overcome these challenges, remote and real-time monitoring of the environmental and biological conditions of the aquaculture site is highly important. Multiple remote monitoring solutions for investigating the growth of seaweed are available, but no integrated solution that monitors different biotic and abiotic factors exists. A new integrated multi-sensing system would reduce the cost and time required to deploy the system and provide useful information on the dynamic forces affecting the plants and the associated biomass of the harvest. In this work, we present the development of a novel miniature low-power NFC-enabled data acquisition system to monitor seaweed growth parameters in an aquaculture context. It logs temperature, light intensity, depth, and motion, and these data can be transmitted or downloaded to enable informed decision making for the seaweed farmers. The device is fully customisable and designed to be attached to seaweed or associated mooring lines. The developed system was characterised in laboratory settings to validate and calibrate the embedded sensors. It performs comparably to commercial environmental sensors, enabling the use of the device to be deployed in commercial and research settings.
Aquaculture , Data logger , Inertial motion unit , Seaweed monitoring , Sensor system
Peres, C., Emam, M., Jafarzadeh, H., Belcastro, M. and O'Flynn, B. (2021) 'Development of a low-power underwater NFC-enabled sensor device for seaweed monitoring', Sensors, 21(14), 4649 (19pp). doi: 10.3390/s21144649