Rejuvenated brewer's spent grain: EverVita ingredients as game-changers in fibre-enriched bread

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Sahin, Aylin W.
Atzler, Jonas J.
Valdeperez, Daniel
Munch, Steffen
Cattaneo, Giacomo
O'Riordan, Patrick
Arendt, Elke K.
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Brewer's spent grain (BSG) is the main side-stream of brewing. BSG is a potential source for nutritionally enriched cereal products due to its high content of fibre and protein. Two novel ingredients originating from BSG, EverVita FIBRA (EVF) and EverVita PRO (EVP), were incorporated into bread in two addition levels to achieve a 'source of fibre' (3 g/100 g) and a 'high in fibre' (6 g/100 g) nutrition claim for the breads. The impact of those two ingredients on dough and bread quality as well as on nutritional value was investigated and compared to baker's flour (C1) and wholemeal flour (C2) breads. The addition of EVF performed outstandingly well in the bread system achieving high specific volumes (3.72-4.66 mL/g), a soft crumb texture (4.77-9.03 N) and a crumb structure comparable with C1. Furthermore, EVF barely restricted gluten network development and did not influence dough rheology. EVP increased the dough resistance (+150%) compared to C1 which led to a lower specific volume (2.17-4.38 mL/g) and a harder crumb (6.25-36.36 N). However, EVP increased the nutritional value of the breads by increasing protein content (+36%) and protein quality by elevating the amount of indispensable amino acids. Furthermore, a decrease in predicted glycaemic index by 26% was achieved and microbial shelf life was extended by up to 3 days. Although both ingredients originated from the same BSG, their impact on bread characteristics and nutritional value varied. EVF and EVP can be considered as game-changers in the development of bread fortified with BSG, increasing nutritional value, and promoting sustainability.
BSG , Plant protein , Fibre fortification , Glycaemic index , Bread dough quality , Gluten network , Nutritional value
Sahin, A. W., Atzler, J. J.,Valdeperez, D.,Munch, S.,Cattaneo, G., O'Riordan, P. and Arendt, E. K. (2021) 'Rejuvenated brewer's spent grain: EverVita ingredients as game-changers in fibre-enriched bread', Foods, 10 (6), 1162, (23pp). doi: 10.3390/foods10061162
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