Experiencing the poetry inherent in language as a tool in teacher education

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Skillen, Norman
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Department of German, University College Cork
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The opening module of the 2nd year of the 4-year Bachelor’s degree in Waldorf Education at Freie Hochschule Stuttgart is described. The year is devoted exclusively to the additional subject chosen by the students and the article focusses on the group who have chosen L2 English. The intention in the module is to give the students an introduction to the history of the English language and its literature while at the same time beginning the development of their performative skills. This entails, on the one hand, setting the history of language in as wide a context as possible, in the process drawing upon the work of Wilhelm von Humboldt and Owen Barfield among others, and on the other, preparing a programme of poetry for performance. Within this broad context the process of preparation is described, and the mutual influences of the one upon the other highlighted.
Waldorf teacher education , Poetry in L2 teaching , Theory of poetry , Performing poetry , Original participation , Language and imagination
Skillen, N. (2022) 'Experiencing the poetry inherent in language as a tool in teacher education', Scenario: A Journal for Performative Teaching, Learning, Research, 16(1), pp. 133-148. https://doi.org/10.33178/scenario.16.1.10