A programmer's environment for music analysis

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Ó Maidín, Donncha Seán
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University College Cork
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A model for representing music scores in a form suitable for general processing by a music-analyst-programmer is proposed and implemented. Typical input to the model consists of one or more pieces of music which are encoded in a file-based score representation. File-based representations are in a form unsuited for general processing, as they do not provide a suitable level of abstraction for a programmer-analyst. Instead, a representation is created giving a programmer's view of the score. This frees the analyst-programmer from implementation details, that otherwise would form a substantial barrier to progress. The score representation uses an object-oriented approach to create a natural and robust software environment for the musicologist. The system is used to explore ways in which it could benefit musicologists. Methodologies for analysing music corpora are presented in a series of analytic examples which illustrate some of the potential of this model. Proving hypotheses or performing analysis on corpora involves the construction of algorithms. Some unique aspects of using this score model for corpus-based musicology are: - Algorithms impose a discipline which arises from the necessity for formalism. - Automatic analysis enables musicologists to complete tasks that otherwise would be infeasible because of limitations of their energy, attentiveness, accuracy and time.
Music scores , Musicology , Music analysis programming , Score model
Ó Maidín, D. S. 1995. A programmer's environment for music analysis. PhD Thesis, University College Cork.