All-optical OFDM and distributed Raman amplification: Challenges to enable high capacities and extend reach

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Gunning, Fatima C. Garcia
Frascella, Paola
Antony, Cleitus
Fabbri, Simon
Rafique, Danish
Sygletos, Stylianos
Gunning, Paul
Reidy, Dermot
McAuliffe, William
Cassidy, Derek
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IEEE, National Institute of Telecommunications
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We review recent advances in all-optical OFDM technologies and discuss the performance of a field trial of a 2 Tbit/s Coherent WDM over 124 km with distributed Raman amplification. The results indicate that careful optimisation of the Raman pumps is essential. We also consider how all-optical OFDM systems perform favourably against energy consumption when compared with alternative coherent detection schemes. We argue that, in an energy constrained high-capacity transmission system, direct detected all-optical OFDM with 'ideal' Raman amplification is an attractive candidate for metro area datacentre interconnects with ~100 km fibre spans, with an overall energy requirement at least three times lower than coherent detection techniques.
OFDM modulation , All-optical OFDM , Raman amplification , Energy consumption
GARCIA-GUNNING, F. C., FRASCELLA, P., ANTONY, C., FABBRI, S. J., RAFIQUE, D., SYGLETOS, S., GUNNING, P., REIDY, D., MCAULIFFE, W., CASSIDY, D. & ELLIS, A. D. (2012) 'All-optical OFDM and distributed Raman amplification: Challenges to enable high capacities and extend reach', ICTON 2012, 14th International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks. University of Warwick, Coventry, 2-5 July 2012.
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