CUBEs: decoupled, compact, and monolithic spatial translational compliant parallel manipulators

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Hao, Guangbo
Li, Haiyang
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This paper deals with the conceptual design of decoupled, compact, and monolithic XYZ compliant parallel manipulators (CPMs): CUBEs. Position spaces of compliant P (P: prismatic) joints are first discussed, which are represented by circles about the translational directions. A design method of monolithic XYZ CPMs is then proposed in terms of both the kinematic substitution method and the position spaces. Three types of monolithic XYZ CPMs are finally designed using the proposed method with the help of three classes of kinematical decoupled 3-DOF (degree of freedom) translational parallel mechanisms (TPMs). These monolithic XYZ CPMs include a 3-PPP XYZ CPM composed of identical parallelogram modules (a previously reported design), a novel 3-PPPR (R: revolute) XYZ CPM composed of identical compliant four-beam modules, and a novel 3-PPPRR XYZ CPM. The latter two monolithic designs also have extended lives. It is shown that the proposed design method can be used to design other decoupled and compact XYZ CPMs by using the concept of position spaces, and the resulting XYZ CPM is the most compact one when the fixed ends of the three actuated compliant P joints thereof overlap.
Compliant parallel mechanisms , Position spaces , Decoupling , Compactness , Monolithic fabrication , Extended life
Hao, G. and Li, H. (2014) 'CUBEs: decoupled, compact, and monolithic spatial translational compliant parallel manipulators', Proceedings of 2014 workshop on fundamental issues and future directions for parallel mechanisms and manipulators (Parallel 2014), 7-8 July, Tianjin, China.
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