Importance of inertial effects in damaged bridge moving load interaction

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Pakrashi, Vikram
O'Connor, Alan J.
Basu, Biswajit
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This paper investigates the inertial effects of the passage of a moving oscillator over a single span simply supported damaged Euler Bernoulli beam for a range of speeds of the moving oscillator and a range of damage conditions. It is observed that the variation of critical speeds due to damage forms a distribution only in the high speed range and such variation is masked by inertial effects of the moving oscillator in the comparatively lower speed range. The damage is modeled as an open crack and a rotational spring analogy is followed whereby it is assumed that the effect of the crack is local on the beam. The moving oscillator is modeled as a two degree of freedom system, where each degree of freedom is characterized by a mass and a spring – dashpot element. The finding is useful for engineers in terms of identification of speed regions of interest in a bridge – vehicle interaction process and for the choice of control systems to suppress such vibrations.
Bridge-vehicle interaction , Open crack , Critical speed , Moving oscillator , Rotational spring model , Damage
Pakrashi, V., O'Connor, A.J., Basu B., 2008. Importance of Inertial Effects in Damaged Bridge Moving Load Interaction. In: Cannon, E., West, R. (ed.s) Proceedings BRI08_CRI08 Joint Symposium: Bridge Research in Ireland 2008/Concrete Research in Ireland 2008. Galway, Ireland 4 - 5 Dec 2008
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