Atomic vapor deposition of bismuth titanate thin films

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Deepak, Nitin
Zhang, Panfeng F.
Keeney, Lynette
Pemble, Martyn E.
Whatmore, Roger W.
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c-axis oriented ferroelectric bismuth titanate (Bi4Ti 3O12) thin films were grown on (001) strontium titanate (SrTiO3) substrates by an atomic vapor deposition technique. The ferroelectric properties of the thin films are greatly affected by the presence of various kinds of defects. Detailed x-ray diffraction data and transmission electron microscopy analysis demonstrated the presence of out-of-phase boundaries (OPBs). It is found that the OPB density changes appreciably with the amount of titanium injected during growth of the thin films. Piezo-responses of the thin films were measured by piezo-force microscopy. It is found that the in-plane piezoresponse is stronger than the out-of-plane response, due to the strong c-axis orientation of the films.
Microscopy , Bi4Ti 3O12 , Transmission electron microscopy , Atomic vapor deposition , Thin film growth , Bismuth , Titanium , Atomic force microscopy
Deepak, N., Zhang, P. F., Keeney, L., Pemble, M. E. and Whatmore, R. W. (2013) 'Atomic vapor deposition of bismuth titanate thin films'. Journal of Applied Physics, 113, 187207.
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