Magnetic multilayer fabrication technology with selective activation of SU-8 films

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Anthony, Ricky
Ó Mathúna, S. Cian
Rohan, James F.
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Developing magnetic multilayers are essential for reducing the core eddy current losses in the integrated power magnetic components (inductors/transformers). PVD based processes are typically used to achieve the multilayers with thin dielectric spacers. However, those processes are costly, and can be difficult to integrate. It is evident that cost effective alternative is needed. In recent years, electrochemical processes have been investigated to address these issues. One such method would be to successive metallization of insulating photoresists acting as spacer layer (such as SU-8) with soft magnetic films (such as Ni-Fe-Co alloys). This paper describes an experimental procedure to fabricate magnetic multilayers with a thin variant of SU-8 2 (< 1.5 µm) as inter-layers for integrated micro-inductors/transformers for power conversion applications.
Power conversion circuitry , Magnetic multilayers , Micro-inductors , Micro transformers , Power conversion applications.
Anthony, R., Ó Mathúna, C. & Rohan, J. F. (2016) ‘Magnetic Multilayer Fabrication Technology with Selective Activation of SU-8 Films’, Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 757, 012031. doi: 10.1088/1742-6596/757/1/012031