First recorded occurrence of Cheirocratus robustus Sars, 1894 in the British Isles

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Myers, Alan A.
McGrath, David
Musk, Will
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Background: Collections of the amphipod genus Cheirocratus from the North Sea and Ireland proved to include C. robustus Sars a species previously known only from Norway and Sweden. Results: Material of C.robustus is described and figured from the Humber and Ireland together with the closely related species C. sundevalli (Rathke). A key to males of the Cheirocratus species of the North East Atlantic and Mediterranean is provided. Conclusions: C. robustus is shown to be widespread in the eastern North Atlantic where it was previously overlooked.
Amphipoda , Cheirocratus robustus , British Isles , New record
Myers, A. A., McGrath, D. and Musk, W. (2017) 'First recorded occurrence of Cheirocratus robustus Sars, 1894 in the British Isles', Marine Biodiversity Records, 10(1), pp. 3. doi:10.1186/s41200-017-0106-1
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