Photocatalytic air-purification: A low-cost, real-time gas detection method

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Keane, Donal A.
Hamilton, Niki
Gibson, Lorraine T.
Pillai, Suresh C.
Holmes, Justin D.
Morris, Michael A.
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Royal Society of Chemistry
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This research demonstrates the use of a gas detector as a feasible alternative to the standardized analytical methods typically found in photocatalytic air-purification ISO standard tests and academic literature. A methyl mercaptan detector is calibrated and validated (for linearity) using a standard gas generator. The detector can be directly connected to the photoreactor exit allowing real-time span gas measurement with data-logging at one minute intervals. The detector successfully differentiated samples with different photocatalytic performance. The use of such detectors offers an easy-to-use, low-cost alternative to gas measurement with applications in academic research, proof-of-concept photocatalytic tests and also as an educational tool.
Photocatalysts , Photocatalytic air-purification , Gas detectors , Photocatalytic tests
Keane, D. A., Hamilton, N., Gibson, L. T., Pillai, S. C., Holmes, J. D. and Morris, M. A. (2017) 'Photocatalytic air-purification: a low-cost, real-time gas detection method', Analytical Methods, 9(1), pp. 170-175. doi:10.1039/C6AY03008D
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