Low-loss micro-resonator filters fabricated in silicon by CMOS-compatible lithographic techniques: design and characterization

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Carroll, Lee
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Optical resonators are fundamental building-blocks for the development of Si-photonics-integrated circuits, as tunable on-chip optical filters. In addition to the specific spectral shape, which may vary according to a particular application, extremely low losses from these devices are a crucial requirement. In the current state-of-the-art devices, most low-loss filters have only been demonstrated by exploiting ad hoc lithographic and etching techniques, which are not compatible with the standard CMOS (complementary metal-oxide semiconductor) process-flow available at Si-photonic foundries. In this paper, we describe the design and optimization of optical micro-resonators, based on Si-waveguides with a height lower than the standard ones (i.e., less than 220 nm), prepared on SOI (silicon on insulator) platform, which allow the realization of high-performance optical filters with an insertion loss lower than 1 dB, using only previously validated lithographic etch-depths.
Silicon photonics , Micro-rings , Integrated filters , Optical losses , Optical components , Integrated waveguides
Marchetti, R., Vitali, V., Lacava, C., Cristiani, I., Giuliani, G., Muffato, V., Fournier, M., Abrate, S., Gaudino, R., Temporiti, E., Carroll, L. and Minzioni, P. (2017) 'Low-Loss Micro-Resonator Filters Fabricated in Silicon by CMOS-Compatible Lithographic Techniques: Design and Characterization', Applied Sciences, 7(2), pp. 174. doi:10.3390/app7020174
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