Designing movement-based play with young people using powered wheelchairs

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Gerling, Kathrin
Hicks, Kieran
Kalyn, Michael
Evans, Adam B.
Linehan, Conor
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Association for Computing Machinery
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Young people using powered wheelchairs have limited access to engaging leisure activities. We address this issue through a two-stage project; 1) the participatory development of a set of wheelchair-controlled, movement-based games (with 9 participants at a school that provides education for young people who have special needs) and 2) three case studies (4 participants) exploring player perspectives on a set of three wheelchair-controlled casual games. Our results show that movement-based playful experiences are engaging for young people using powered wheelchairs. However, the participatory design process and case studies also reveal challenges for game accessibility regarding the integration of movement in games, diversity of abilities among young people using powered wheelchairs, and the representation of disability in games. In our paper, we explore how to address those challenges in the development of accessible, empowering movement-based games, which is crucial to the wider participation of young people using powered wheelchairs in play.
Leisure activities , Disabilities , Children , Games , Accessibility , Participatory design
Gerling, K., Hicks, K., Kalyn, M., Evans, A. and Linehan, C. (2016) 'Designing movement-based play with young people using powered wheelchairs', in Proceedings of the 2016 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI '16), Santa Clara, California, USA, 7-12 May. New York, USA: ACM, pp. 4447-4458. doi: 10.1145/2858036.2858070
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