Point tracking with lensless smart sensors

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Abraham, Lizy
Urru, Andrea
Wilk, Mariusz P.
Tedesco, Salvatore
Walsh, Michael
O'Flynn, Brendan
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This paper presents the applicability of a novel Lensless Smart Sensor (LSS) developed by Rambus, Inc. in 3D positioning and tracking. The unique diffraction pattern attached to the sensor enables more precise position tracking than possible with lenses by capturing more information about the scene. In this work, the sensor characteristics is assessed and accuracy analysis is accomplished for the single point tracking scenario.
Intelligent sensors , Lenses , Object tracking , Position measurement , Target tracking , Rambus , Lensless smart sensors , Precise position tracking , Sensor characteristics , Single point tracking scenario , Unique diffraction pattern , Image reconstruction , Light sources , Optical distortion , Optical sensors , Three-dimensional displays , Tracking , Point tracking , Rambus LSS
Abraham, L., Urru, A., Wilk, M. P., Tedesco, S., Walsh, M. and O'Flynn, B. 'Point tracking with lensless smart sensors', 16th IEEE SENSORS Conference, ICSENS 2017, Glasgow, United Kingdom, Oct. 29 2017-Nov. 1 2017: IEEE. DOI: 10.1109/ICSENS.2017.8234060
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