Bridging the knowledge gap: towards a comprehensive mHealth training framework

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Kenny, Grace
Heavin, Ciara
O'Connor, Yvonne
Ndibuagu, Edmund
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Mobile health (mHealth) solutions can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare services delivered by Primary Healthcare (PHC) workers in rural communities in developing countries. However, a host of barriers can hinder the success of new mHealth implementations including low technology literacy levels and failure to communicate the benefits of the solution for all stakeholders. This paper argues that effective training of end users and all stakeholders can remove the barriers which stem from these issues, thereby improving the likelihood of successful implementation and enabling the eventual improvement of healthcare delivery. During a visit to Nigeria, the perceptions of key stakeholders regarding IMPACT, a new mHealth solution, were explored to ascertain the training needs of all stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem. The paper leverages data from this visit and presents IMPACTeD, a comprehensive mHealth training framework which aims to develop a collective understanding of the solution among all stakeholders, while also improving the technical ability and confidence of PHC workers. The framework will be implemented and evaluated during a second visit to Nigeria. This paper contributes to the scant literature in developing countries by providing a framework which can guide the implementation of further mHealth solutions in developing nations.
Mobile health , mHealth , Developing countries , Training framework
Kenny, G., Heavin, C., O' Connor, Y. and Ndibuagu, E. (2017) 'Bridging the knowledge gap: towards a comprehensive mHealth training framework, in Proceedings of the 25th European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS 2017), Guimarães, Portugal, 05 - 10 June, pp. 1348-1362. ISBN 978-0-9915567-0-0 Research Papers. Available online:
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