Putting plural self-awareness into practice: the phenomenology of expert musicianship

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Salice, Alessandro
Høffding, Simon
Gallagher, Shaun
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Based on a qualitative study about expert musicianship, this paper distinguishes three ways of interacting by putting them in relation to the sense of agency. Following Pacherie (Phenomenology the Cognitive Sciences 13:25–46, 2014), it highlights that the phenomenology of shared agency undergoes a drastic transformation when musicians establish a sense of we-agency. In particular, the musicians conceive of the performance as one single action towards which they experience an epistemic privileged access. The implications of these results for a theory of collective intentionality are discussed by addressing two general questions: When several individuals share an intention, does this fact secure plural self-knowledge? And is it possible to have non-observational knowledge about a collective action? It is claimed that the results drawn from the study about expert musicianship supports negative answers to both questions.
Joint action , Practical knowledge , Shared intention , Pre-reflective self-awareness , Expert musicianship
Salice, A., Høffding, S. and Gallagher, S. (2017) 'Putting plural self-awareness into practice: the phenomenology of expert musicianship', Topoi. doi:10.1007/s11245-017-9451-2
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