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    In transit? Documenting the lived experiences of welfare, working and caring for one-parent families claiming Jobseeker’s Transitional Payment
    (Institute for Social Science in the 21st Century, University College Cork, 2023-05) Dukelow, Fiona; Whelan, Joe; Scanlon, Margaret; Irish Research Council
    This research, conducted in conjunction with One Family, set out to document the lived experiences of Jobseeker’s Transitional Payment (JST) recipients and to explore how JST is working ‘on the ground’. Because JST is a relatively new payment in the Irish social welfare system, little is known about how it is experienced by recipients. Furthermore, because people living in single parent households are consistently over-represented in poverty statistics across all metrics (at risk of poverty, enforced deprivation and consistent poverty), how caregivers in one-parent households experience a policy that is designed with such households in mind represents important work. The research was qualitative in nature and the original data presented in the report were collected via one focus group coupled with a series of ten interviews. A substantial review of the literature was also undertaken, and this was used to frame the research. Available statistics, along with statistics obtained via parliamentary questions, are also used to inform the research. The core aims for this research were as follows: Develop an in-depth understanding of the lived experiences of the recipients of JST; Develop an understanding of how JST policy is working ‘on the ground’; Document the challenges and benefits associated with the payment; Develop a claimant-based user guide as a resource for new entrants to the payment scheme; Generate research data of relevance to One Family and related support and advocacy groups in their work with one parent families and their policy work in terms of the future direction of JST.
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    Housing and sustaining communities on the West Cork islands
    (Institute for Social Science in the 21st Century (ISS21), University College Cork, 2022) O'Sullivan, Siobhan; Desmond, Elaine; Irish Research Council
    Government policy recognises the Irish islands as integral to Ireland’s cultural heritage, identity and economy. Within the context of a national housing crisis which is recognised as having reached the status of a national emergency, this report examines the impact of the availability, affordability and quality of housing on the sustainability of life on the seven inhabited West Cork islands. The research was undertaken using an innovative research process which foregrounds the voices of island residents through a participatory mixed methods approach, involving a survey that was co-constructed with island residents and in-depth focus groups.
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    Widening participation in Irish higher education: Report 2020
    (University College Cork, 2020) Powell, Fred; Scanlon, Margaret; Jenkinson, Hilary; Irish Research Council; Department of Education and Skills, Ireland
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    Grease, petrol, biscuits and bikes - A report on the Springboard Youth Motorcycle Project: profile, evaluation, and future development
    (Cumann Spraoi Ltd, 2017) Leahy, Pat; Pat Leahy
    A report on the effectiveness of a motorcycle project on at risk of early school leaving young people in a disadvantaged area of Cork City.
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    Community parks and playgrounds: Intergenerational participation through Universal Design
    (Centre for Excellence in Universal Design, 2019) Lynch, Helen; Moore, Alice; Edwards, Claire; Horgan, Linda; National Disability Authority, Ireland
    Accessible and inclusive community environments are fundamental for enabling social inclusion. As a set of design principles, Universal Design (UD) offers the potential to create inclusive environments that are accessible to as many people as possible. Yet to date, community environments such as parks and playgrounds have received little attention in relation to UD, to designing for diverse groups of users, including children with and without disabilities, and intergenerational users. This report contains an analysis of play value, UD and usability of parks and playgrounds in one local council area (Cork City Council). The aims of the research were:•To explore what is known from an international perspective on UD as a method which delivers inclusivity, in relation to parks and playgrounds, play and participation. •To gain diverse users’ perspectives of children with and without disabilities and their families/carers, of their experiences of accessing and engaging in play in public parks and playgrounds. •To identify recommendations for best practice in providing for families in public parks and playgrounds, as a means of progressing lifetime communities from a UD approach.