Participatory 3D scanning and modeling of cities and buildings using 5G mm-Wave smart phones

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Ajorloo, Hossein
Sreenan, Cormac J.
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Millimeter-wave (mm-Wave) frequency bands are a key technology enabler for the ultra-high data rates of 5G cellular networks, and it is fully expected that 5G smart phones will be equipped with mm-Wave network interfaces. Interestingly, millimeter transmissions have utility beyond communication; previously they been used extensively for short-range radar detection and ranging. We envisage a future in which each person carries a smart phone equipped with mm-Wave which can opportunistically scan the adjacent environment and share the results in a participatory manner to allow accurate 3D models to be constructed and maintained. Applications for such lowcost modelling are numerous and include navigating smart cities and buildings, as well as accident prevention in factories. In this article we provide a brief review of mm-Wave, its detection properties, and the basics of 3D scanning and modeling. We introduce a system architecture to enable participatory scanning based on mm-Wave and show results from experiments to demonstrate its feasibility. A variety of research challenges must be solved in order to realize our vision, and we expound on these with a view to stimulating research on this compelling opportunity.
Millimeter-wave , Radar detection , 5G , Smart cities , Smart buildings , Participatory sensing.
Ajerloo, H. and Sreenan, C. J. (2019) 'Participatory 3D Scanning and Modeling of Cities and Buildings Using 5G mm-Wave Smart Phones', Wireless Days 2019 Conference, Manchester, UK, 24-26 April, Forthcoming.
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