Phase modulators and splitting network on Si PIC for coherent fiber beam combining

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Antier, M.
Bourderionnet, J.
Larat, C.
Lallier, E.
Scarcella, Carmelo
Lee, Jun Su
O'Brien, Peter A.
Spuesens, T.
Lepage, G.
Verheyen, P.
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Optical Society of America
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Coherent beam combining (CBC) of fiber lasers provide an attractive mean of reaching high output laser power by scaling up the available energy while keeping fiber intrinsic advantages of compactness, reliability, efficiency, and beam quality. In CBC architectures, the power of a master oscillator (MO) is divided into N fibers that are amplified individually. The phase perturbations between channels can be measured using various techniques [1-3] and are corrected by individual phase modulators placed on each fiber before the amplification. In this Communication, we present a Silicon PIC integrating a 1:16 channels splitting network and thermal phase modulators array with low electrical power consumption and a bandwidth compatible with CBC requirements.
Fiber lasers , Grating couplers , High power lasers , Modulators , Phase measurement , Phase shift
Antier, M., Bourderionnet, J., Larat, C., Lallier, E., Scarcella, C., Lee, J. S.; O'Brien, P., Spuesens, T., Lepage, G., Verheyen, P., Absil, P. and Brignon, A. (2015) 'Phase modulators and splitting network on Si PIC for coherent fiber beam combining', 2015 European Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics, Munich, Germany, 21-25 June.
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