An evaluation of the operation and impact of The Ark Children's Council [Executive Summary]

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Horgan, Deirdre
Martin, Shirley
Cummins-McNamara, Annie
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The Ark, Dublin
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In 2018, with the support of a grant from The Department of Children and Youth Affairs, The Ark commissioned child participation experts, Dr. Deirdre Horgan and Dr. Shirley Martin and Dr Annie Cummins-McNamara (University College Cork) to evaluate the operation and impact of the Children’s Council. The aim of this research was twofold. We were keen to find better methods of incorporating the Children’s Council into the overall governance structure of the organisation. Secondly, we wanted to share our challenges and learning with others who are developing their own child consultation practices. It is our hope that this research will be of benefit to our colleagues in the arts and in education and that it can contribute to a wider body of work in recognising children’s right to be heard.
This research is intended to create an understanding of how The Ark's practice of child consultation could be developed, enhanced and further embedded into the organisation's structures alongside the objectives of The Ark Strategy: 2017-2020.
Participation practice , Arts , Culture , Artistic programming , Child audience , Institutional decision making , The Ark Children's Council
Horgan, D., Martin, S. and Cummins-McNamara, A. (2019) 'An evaluation of the operation and impact of The Ark Children's Council' [Executive Summary]. Dublin: The Ark. Available at: (Accessed: 15 May 2019)
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