The Tyndall mote. enabling wireless research and practical sensor application development

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O'Flynn, Brendan
Lynch, A.
Aherne, P.
Angove, Philip
Barton, John
Harte, Seán
Ó Mathúna, S. Cian
Diamond, Dermot
Regan, Fiona
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Austrian Computer Society (OCG)
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Wireless sensor networks are fast becoming a major technology driver, with applications seen ranging from medical and environmental monitoring to wearable sensor systems. Different application and demonstrators require specific hardware implementations. The 25mm modular stackable layer solution, developed by the AES group at the Tyndall National Institute, has proven to yield an easy solution for integration of sensors to a miniaturised communications platform enabling sensor network development and deployment. Representative wireless applications, through research collaborations throughout Europe and Ireland are presented here. A number of major applications are outlined, the development of a wearable inertial sensor system (WIMS) and a water monitoring application. Also outlined are some general WSN projects enabled by Tyndalls National Access Programme (NAP).
Wireless sensor network systems , Hardware platforms , Sensors systems integrating hardware , Wireless networks
O'Flynn, B., Lynch, A., Aherne, K., Angove, P., Barton, J., Harte, S., O Mathuna, C., Diamond, D. and Regan, F. (2006) 'The tyndall mote. enabling wireless research and practical sensor application development', in: Pfeifer, T. et al. (eds). Advances in Pervasive Computing 2006. Adjunct Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Pervasive Computing. (PERVASIVE 2006), Dublin, Ireland, 7-10 May, Vienna: Austrian Computer Society (OCG) isbn: 3-85403-207-2
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