Dissemination as cultivation: scholarly communications in a digital age

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O'Sullivan, James
Long, Christopher P.
Mattson, Mark
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Routledge, Taylor & Francis
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Participatory web platforms have greatly enhanced the means by which students, scholars, and practitioners engage in arts and humanities research. Intuitive interfaces and content delivery systems have brought about paradigm shifts in the ways in which scholars connect and communicate, removing the need for advanced technical expertise when conducting a range of scholarly activities. Collaborative networks of both research and communications are now facilitated across ubiquitous systems that interact to form a transdisciplinary and dynamic interconnection of thought and practice. This chapter introduces readers to the underlying principles of scholarly communications and publishing in the digital age, uncovering the affordances and limitations of online public scholarship. The relationship between form and content is discussed, drawing upon relevant case studies to demonstrate how scholars should consider cultivating the habits and practices of thick collegiality. From here, an overview of relevant platforms is offered, before strategies for social media are detailed, all of which are supplemented by this chapter’s corresponding electronic materials.
Digital humanities , Scholarly communications , Open access
O'Sullivan, J., Long, C. P. and Mattson, M. (2016) 'Dissemination as Cultivation: Scholarly Communications in a Digital Age', in: Cromptopn, C., Lane, R. J. and Siemens, R. (eds.), Doing Digital Humanities: Practice, Training, Research. London and New York: Routlege, pp. 384-397. isbn:9781138899445
© 2016 Constance Crompton, Richard J. Lane and Ray Siemens This is an Accepted Manuscript of a book chapter published by Routledge in Doing Digital Humanities: Practice, Training, Research on 01 June 2016 available online: http://www.routledge.com/9781138899438