Optical properties of c-Plane InGaN/GaN single quantum wells as a function of total electric field strength

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Christian, George M.
Schulz, Stefan
Hammersley, Simon
Kappers, Menno J.
Frentrup, Martin
Humphreys, Colin J.
Oliver, Rachel A.
Dawson, Philip
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We present low temperature photoluminescence spectra from four InGaN/GaN single quantum well structures where the total electric field across the quantum wells was varied by the manipulation of the surface polarization field, which is of opposite sign to the electrostatic built-in field originating from spontaneous and piezoelectric polarization intrinsic to the material. We find that, overall, the photoluminescence peak emission energy increases and its full width at half maximum decreases with decreasing total internal electric field. Using an atomistic tight-binding model of a quantum well with different total internal electric fields, we find that the calculated mean and standard deviation ground state transition energies follow the same trends with field as our experimentally determined spectral peak energies and widths. Overall, we attribute this behavior to a reduction in the quantum confined Stark effect and a connected reduction in the variation of ground state transition energies with decreasing electric field, respectively.
Photoluminescence peak emission energy , Decreasing total internal electric field , Quantum well , Stark effect , Electric field
Christian, G. M., Schulz, S., Hammersley, S., Kappers, M. J., Frentrup, M., Humphreys, C. J., Oliver, R. A. and Dawson, P. (2019) 'Optical properties of c-Plane InGaN/GaN single quantum wells as a function of total electric field strength', Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, 58, SCCB09 (7pp). doi: 10.7567/1347-4065/ab0407