Harvesting electromagnetic energy in the V-band using a rectenna formed by a bow tie integrated with a 6-nm-thick Au/HfO2/Pt metal-insulator-metal diode

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Aldrigo, Martino
Dragoman, Mircea
Modreanu, Mircea
Povey, Ian M.
Iordanescu, Sergiu
Vasilache, Dan
Dinescu, Adrian
Shanawani, Mazen
Masotti, Diego
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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
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In this paper, the first demonstration of a bow-tie antenna integrated with a metal-insulator-metal (MIM) diode for electromagnetic energy harvesting in the V-band (i.e., 40-75 GHz) is presented. We have designed, simulated, fabricated, and fully characterized a 60-GHz rectifying antenna (rectenna) based on a vertical Au-HfO2-PtMIM diode with reduced differential resistance. The dielectric used for the MIM structure is a 6-nm-thick amorphous HfO2 grown by atomic layer deposition. For the fabricated MIM device, we report here a current density of 3 x 10(4) A/cm(2) that exceeds the previous values presented in the literature. The vertical MIM-based rectenna is able to efficiently harvest up to 250 mu V from an impinging modulated millimeter-wave signal with -20 dBm of available power, thus offering a voltage responsivity of over 5 V/W. The reported results indicate that the proposed approach is well suited for future low-power solutions much sought after for the energetically autonomous 5G terminal equipment.
Diodes , Energy harvesting , Millimeter-wave (mm-wave) devices , Rectennas , Hafnium compounds , Microwave antennas , Electromagnetics , Schottky diodes , Energy harvesting
Aldrigo, M., Dragoman, M., Modreanu, M., Povey, I., Iordanescu, S., Vasilache, D., Dinescu, A., Shanawani, M. and Masotti, D. (2018) 'Harvesting Electromagnetic Energy in the V -Band Using a Rectenna Formed by a Bow Tie Integrated With a 6-nm-Thick Au/HfO2/Pt Metal–Insulator–Metal Diode', IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, 65(7), pp. 2973-2980. doi: 10.1109/TED.2018.2835138
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