Indoor millimeter-wave systems: design and performance evaluation

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Kibiłda, Jacek
MacKenzie, Allen B.
Abdel-Rahman, Mohammad J.
Yoo, Seong Ki
Galati Giordano, Lorenzo
Cotton, Simon L.
Marchetti, Nicola
Saad, Walid
Scanlon, William G.
Garcia-Rodriguez, Adrian
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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
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Indoor areas, such as offices and shopping malls, are a natural environment for initial millimeterwave (mmWave) deployments. While we already have the technology that enables us to realize indoor mmWave deployments, there are many remaining challenges associated with system-level design and planning for such. The objective of this article is to bring together multiple strands of research to provide a comprehensive and integrated framework for the design and performance evaluation of indoor mmWave systems. The paper introduces the framework with a status update on mmWave technology, including ongoing fifth generation (5G) wireless standardization efforts, and then moves on to experimentally-validated channel models that inform performance evaluation and deployment planning. Together these yield insights on indoor mmWave deployment strategies and system configurations, from feasible deployment densities to beam management strategies and necessary capacity extensions.
Millimeter-wave communications , 5G-NR , Millimeter-wave channel , Network modelling , Deployment planning
Kibiłda, J., MacKenzie, A. B., Abdel-Rahman, M. J., Yoo, S. K., Galati Giordano, L., Cotton, S. L., Marchetti, N., Saad, W., Scanlon, W. G., Garcia-Rodriguez, A., Lopez-Perez, D., Claussen, H. and DaSilva, L. A. (2020) 'Indoor Millimeter-Wave Systems: Design and Performance Evaluation', Proceedings of The IEEE, In Press.
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