Smart textiles for healthcare and medicine applications (WG1): state-of-the art report, CONTEXT Project

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Boesel, Luciano F.
Furundžić, Dijana P
Furundžić, Nikola Z.
Gedanken, Aharon
Grabchev, Ivo
Haj Taieb, Amine
Ivanoska-Dacik, Aleksandra
Malionowski, Szymon
Marković, Darka
Mohr, Gerhard
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The aim of this document is to provide information on the state-of-the-art related to the topics covered by each working group within the CONTEXT project. It provides information on materials and technologies used to develop smart textiles with targeted performance, general applications of smart textiles in the field, case-studies on the use of smart textiles, opportunities for smart textiles considering the needs of each field, trends on the development of smart textiles in terms of market and technical expectations. This paper gives an overview of the potential of smart textiles for healthcare & medicine, ongoing developments, state-of-the-art products and future developments.
Wearable technology , Smart textiles , Healthcare , Medicine , WG1
Boesel, L. F., Furundžić, D. P., Furundžić, N. Z., Gedanken, A., Grabchev, I., Haj Taieb, A., Ivanoska-Dacik, A., Malionowski, S., Marković, D., Mohr, G., Oguz Gouillart, Y., Pinho, P. M., Sezai Sarac, A., Staneva, D., Tedesco, S. and Vicente Ros, J. (2020) Smart textiles for healthcare and medicine applications (WG1): State-of-the Art Report, CONTEXT Project.
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