Electrochemical sensor for phosphate ions based on laser scriber reduced graphene oxide

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Patella, Bernardo
Gitto, Federico
Russo, Michele
Aiello, Giuseppe
O'Riordan, Alan
Inguanta, Rosalinda
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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
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This preliminary work shows a new and innovative way to produce laser scribed reduced graphene oxide (LSGO) electrodes using different porous substrates (ranging from paper to plastic and fabric). The obtained electrodes were also tested as electrochemical sensors towards the detection of phosphate ions in water. To obtain the electrodes, a water suspension of GO was filtered on top of substrate (such as Whatman® filter paper) and a complete sensor was obtained from its reduction using a CO2 laser. The electrode is composed of working and counter electrodes made of LSGO and a reference electrode of a Ag/AgCl obtained by using a commercial AgCl conductive paste. Phosphate ions were detected by exploiting the reaction between molybdate and phosphate ions in acidic media (known in literature as molybdenum blue method). This chemical reaction produces the Keggin-type complex (PMo12O40)3-, that can be reduced under applied potential. The obtained results show that phosphate ions can be detected in a wide linear range, from 0.001 mM to 1mM, in presence of 1mM molybdate with a very satisfying selectivity. We also tried to pre-treatment the paper substrate with acidic molybdate ions in order to obtain a ready-made sensor directly usable for the detection of phosphate ions in situ avoiding any kind of real sample manipulation For this aim, the paper substrate was soaked with sulphuric acid and molybdate solution and dried in order to desorb these chemicals directly into the water sample to be analyzed. Preliminary results, shows that the process of absorption and desorption can be carried out by optimizing the volume and concentration of the absorbed solution and thus can be used to obtain a portable, easy to use and fast phosphate sensor for in situ and real time monitoring of water quality.
Eectrochemical sensor , Paper based electrodes , Phosphate ions , Reduced graphene oxide , Voltammetry
Patella, B., Gitto, F., Russo, M., Aiello, G., O'Riordan, A. and Inguanta, R. (2022) 'Electrochemical sensor for phosphate ions based on laser scriber reduced graphene oxide', 2022 IEEE International Conference on Flexible and Printable Sensors and Systems (FLEPS), Vienna, Austria, 10-13 July. doi: 10.1109/FLEPS53764.2022.9781533
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