Carbon monoxide poisoning: novel magnetic resonance imaging pattern in the acute setting

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Ryan, Stephen A.
Sheehan, Donal W.
O'Neill, Siobhán B.
Clarkson, Michael R.
Costello, Daniel J.
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The presentation of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning is non-specific and highly variable. The diagnosis is made when a compatible history and examination occur in a patient with elevated carboxyhaemoglobin levels. The severity of intoxication is difficult to assess accurately based on laboratory markers alone. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) has been shown to have superior sensitivity to computed tomography for the detection of abnormalities post CO poisoning. We report a novel imaging pattern on MRI undertaken in the acute setting in a patient with CO intoxication. We also discuss the management and follow up of patients with CO poisoning.
Carbon monoxide , Poisoning , Magnetic resonance imaging , Cerebellum
Ryan, S. A., Sheehan, D. W., O' Neill, S. B., Clarkson, M. R., and Costello, D. J. (2012) 'Carbon monoxide poisoning: Novel magnetic resonance imaging pattern in the acute setting', International Journal of Emergency Medicine, 5(1), 30 (3pp). doi:10.1186/1865-1380-5-30
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