Innovative methods of community engagement: towards a low carbon climate resilient future

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Revez, Alexandra
Mullally, Gerard
Emerson, Harriet
Dunphy, Niall P.
Watson, Clare
Lennon, Breffni
Glynn, James
Rogan, Fionn
Byrne, Edmond P.
Boyle, Evan
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Environmental Research Institute
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The proceedings of the Innovative Methods of Community Engagement: Toward a Low Carbon, Climate Resilient Future workshop have been developed by the Imagining2050 team in UCC and the Secretariat to the National Dialogue on Climate Action (NDCA). The NDCA also funded the workshop running costs. The proceedings offer a set of recommendations and insights into leveraging different community engagement approaches and methodologies in the area of climate action. They draw from interdisciplinary knowledge and experiences of researchers for identifying, mobilizing and mediating communities. The work presented below derives from a workshop held in the Environmental Research Institute in UCC on the 17th January 2019. These proceedings are complementary to an earlier workshop also funded by the NDCA and run by MaREI in UCC, titled ‘How do we Engage Communities in Climate Action? – Practical Learnings from the Coal Face’. The earlier workshop looked more closely at community development groups and other non-statutory organizations doing work in the area of climate change.
Imagining2050 , Climate action
Revez, A., Mullally, G., Emerson, H., Dunphy, N., Watson, C., Lennon, B., Glynn, J., Rogan, F., Byrne,E., Boyle, E., McGookin, C., Smith, S., Fahy, F., O'Dwyer, B., Torney, D., Brereton, P., Morrissey, J., Greene, M., Hugel, S., Carroll, J., Doyle, R., Farrell, E., Carr, L. and Schuitema, G. (2019) 'Innovative Methods of Community Engagement. Towards a Low Carbon Climate Resilient Future', Imagining 2050 Project, Cork: Environmental Research Institute