Emergency rehabilitation of Brownsbarn bridge

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Pakrashi, Vikram
Kelly, Joe
Harkin, Julie
Farrell, Aidan
Nanukuttan, Sreejith
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This paper outlines the repair methodology of Brownsbarn Bridge situated over the N7 near Dublin. The repair strategy was formulated following impact damage to the soffit from a low- loader carrying an excavator passing underneath the bridge. Significant damage was observed to one of the beams. The repairs were carried out as emergency works over a bank holiday weekend in Ireland successfully. The rehabilitation methodology is based on preloading the bridge before repair followed by a removal of load to ensure the reestablishment of some of the lost prestress. This paper outlines the various stages of rehabilitation and establishes the timelines of significant events along with practical discussions on the execution of the rehabilitation methodology. The bridge was continuously monitored throughout the refurbishment process. This case study is expected to be of topical interest to researchers, practicing engineers, bridge owners and end-users alike.
Repair methods , Durability , Impact damage , Emergency Works
Pakrashi, V., Kelly, J., Harkin, J., Farrell, A., Nanukuttan, S., 2010. Emergency Rehabilitation of Brownsbarn Bridge. In: BCRI2010 Joint Symposium: Bridge and Infrastructure Research in Ireland BRI'10 and Concrete Research in Ireland CRI'10. Cork, Ireland 2 - 3 Sep 2010.
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