PwrSoC (integration of micro-magnetic inductors/transformers with active semiconductors) for more than Moore technologies

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Ó Mathúna, S. Cian
Wang, Ningning
Kulkarni, Santosh
Roy, Saibal
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This paper introduces the concept of power supply on chip (PwrSoC) which will enable the development of next-generation, functionally integrated, power management platforms with applications in dc-dc conversion, gate drives, isolated power transmission and ultimately, high granularity, on-chip, power management for mixed-signal, SOC chips. PwrSoC will integrate power passives with the power management IC, in a 3D stacked or monolithic form factor, thereby delivering the performance of a high-efficiency dc-dc converter within the footprint of a low-efficiency linear regulator. A central element of the PwrSoC concept is the fabrication of power micro-magnetics on silicon to deliver micro-inductors and micro-transformers. The paper details the magnetics on silicon process which combines thin film magnetic core technology with electroplated copper conductors. Measured data for micro-inductors show inductance operation up to 20 MHz, footprints down to 0.5 mm(2), efficiencies up to 93% and dc current carrying capability up to 600 mA. Measurements on micro-transformers show voltage gain of approximately - 1 dB at between 10 MHz and 30 MHz.
Air-core inductors , Buck converter , dc/dc converter , Charge pump , Standard CMOS , Performance , Conversion , Voltage , Silicon , MHz
Ó Mathuna, C., Wang, N., Kulkarni, S. and Roy, S. (2013) 'PwrSoC (integration of micro-magnetic inductors/transformers with active semiconductors) for more than Moore technologies', European Physical Journal - Applied Physics, 63(1), 14408 (6pp). doi:10.1051/epjap/2013120484
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