“What Matters to You” Putting patient centred care first

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Corner, R. M.
Kiely, Lisa F.
Ferris, R.
Patel, J.
Fathil, Y.
Moloney, E.
Ahern, E.
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Irish Medical Organisation
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Aim: Evaluate the use and feasibility of implementation of the “What Matters to You?” (WMTY) in orthogeriatric patients. Methods: An orthogeriatric assessment proforma was completed in patients with a hip or fragility fracture. Data including clinical frailty score (CFS), 4-AT delirium screen, length of stay, discharge disposition and WMTY responses were collected. Results Forty-nine patients were included. Median CFS was 5 (IQR 3), median 4AT was 1 (IQR 3). Forty-three (88%) were admitted from home and six (12%) from nursing homes. Nineteen (39%) were transferred to another hospital, fourteen (29%) home, fourteen (29%) to long term care, two (4%) died. Nineteen (39%) reported what mattered was a return to baseline mobility, seventeen (35%) to get home, two (4%) ‘pain-free’, three (6%) family, four (8%) miscellaneous and four (8%) no reply recorded. Conclusion: WMTY promotes patient-centred practice. This study supports the feasibility of the tool in orthogeriatrics patients including those with mild to moderate cognitive impairment.
What Matters to You , Patient-centred care , Quality improvement
Corner, R. M., Kiely, L. F., Ferris, R., Patel, J., Fathil, Y., Moloney, E. and Ahern, E. (2021) '“What Matters to You” Putting patient centred care first', Irish Medical Journal, 114(8), P442 (4pp). Available at: http://www.imj.ie/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/What-Matters-To-You-Putting-Patient-Centred-Care-First.pdf (Accessed: 10 March 2022)
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