Description of an 8 MW reference wind turbine

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Desmond, Cian J.
Murphy, Jimmy
Blonk, Lindert
Haans, Wouter
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An 8 MW wind turbine is described in terms of mass distribution, dimensions, power curve, thrust curve, maximum design load and tower configuration. This turbine has been described as part of the EU FP7 project LEANWIND in order to facilitate research into logistics and naval architecture efficiencies for future offshore wind installations. The design of this 8 MW reference wind turbine has been checked and validated by the design consultancy DNV-GL. This turbine description is intended to bridge the gap between the NREL 5 MW and DTU 10 MW reference turbines and thus contribute to the standardisation of research and development activities in the offshore wind energy industry.
Mass distribution , Dimensions , Power curve , Thrust curve , Maximum design load , Tower configuration , Logistics , Naval architecture , Offshore , Wind
Desmond, C., Murphy, J., Blonk, L. and Haans, W. (2016) 'Description of an 8 MW reference wind turbine', Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 753(9), 092013 (16pp). doi:10.1088/1742-6596/753/9/092013
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